• Speakers and Talks

    Overview of some of the presentations for this year
    • Mashups Docs, Commerce, CRM, DAM / GraphQL
      Ben Middleton and Niclas Cedermalm (SDL)
    • New User Interface
      Alvin Reyes
    • Understanding Tridion Docs components, architecture, and extensibility
      Kateryna Momot (SDL) and Ivo van de Lagemaat (SDL)
    • Reducing deployment effort and automating business processes with Tridion Docs
      Dave De Meyer (SDL)
    • Roadmap
      Joe Pairman Arno van Nijnatten
    • Tridion Integration Framework
      Ivo van de Lagemaat
    • Mashups Docs, Commerce, CRM, DAM / GraphQL
      Niclas Cedermalm
    • Technical deep dive into Tridion Docs 14.0 and beyond
      Dave De Meyer and Kateryna Momot
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    Join us for the 6th annual Tridion Developer Summit in Amsterdam on 5-6 November. We will have some new things this year – an UnConference open discussion on Day 2 afternoon and also a great, new venue with lots of space for discussions.

    Conference Days and Workshops

    Workshops are taught by experts in the Tridion community. Security workshop details at https://www.trivident.com/tridion-security-workshop/


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    Enjoying Knowledge Sharing with the Experts
  • Learn

    Tridion Sites 9, DXA 2.0 and more… 

  • Code

    Diving Deep into Code

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    Discussing solutions and challenges

  • Highlights from last years at TDS

    • “Very well organized. I liked the technical approach of the sessions. I also liked the new Web 8 stuff. Awesome.”

      Albert Romkes
      Freelance SDL Tridion Consultant
    • “Was amazing! To hear what other people do with the system is very good. “

      Steffen Drotschmann
      Senior Software Engineer
      Web Cuisine
    • “The Event was well organized and the sessions were great.”

      Ferdinand Lugo
      Training Curriculum and Delivery Manager
    • “The Summit seems to get better year on year.”

      Jonathan Williams
      Senior Technical Consultant & Co-Founder
      Stage Two
  • Networking Party

    Tuesday, 5 November @ Amsterdam

  • Survey Results from TDS 2016 (1-100)
    • Overall86
    • Talks84
    • Venue92
    • Networking87
  • Feedback

    Brilliantly organised. Great people.

    — Gino Toro, Speaker

    Since there was more discussions planned between audience, I felt it was very lively event!!

    — Antony Rojar, SDL

    Very cool venue. Interesting content. Nice design. Great logistics. It was fun!

    — Phil Conil, Solutions Architect, SDL
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